Winter Inspires Cape Creatives

by Editor on 09 July 2019
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Recently launched state-of-the-art multi-functional studio in Cape Town, Infinity Studios, is set to become a hive of activity as it firmly sets its sights on becoming one of the city’s foremost creative hubs.

Infinity Studios owner, James Pople, has spent the better part of his career in a variety of creative environment across the world – and is thrilled to be back in the Mother City in time for its winter season charm. To this end, Pople was very mindful when he selected the location and design elements of Infinity Studios – he wanted a space with abundant natural light where panoramic views of the city’s most prized attraction, Table Mountain, would be visible all year round; accessorised with natural colour pallets and organic materials. These fundamentals were behind Pople’s vision of creating a studio with incredible lighting and a sense of being outside even when indoors.

Months in the making, the fruit of his labour is an uncluttered creative space that is fresh and airy yet still warm and intimate. “Winter is a great time for restoration, nourishment and focusing on new projects,” says Pople, “so it was critical to me to create a space that embraced all the seasons and that would inspire and bring a sense of warmth to anyone using the space no matter the time of year.”

Another Cape creative that feels the same way about winter is lead singer and frontman of top-selling band Watershed, Craig Hinds, “The crisp clear blue sky tends to open up my creative side and allows my mind to wander,” says Hinds. “On those typically cold rainy days, the cosiness helps me accumulate stories and ideas. It’s a beautiful season – especially for storytellers.”

With 200sqm of floorspace, a photo lounge, infinity curve wall and a multifunctional demo kitchen, Infinity Studios is best placed to cater to indoor winter shoots and workshops where creatives are looking to bring the outdoors inside. And what makes Infinity Studios even more dynamic is its lack of restraint – the freedom of the space and its ability to adapt is also perfect for private events.

For Claire Alexander, event manager at Firecracker Events & Marketing, winter offers a canvas that is dynamic and perfect for events that can take advantage of the early sunset. Alexander says, “Winter is my favourite time of the year to produce events in Cape Town. Especially in a venue that brings the stunning winter sunset inside, followed by exquisite lighting design, heating and red wine.”

Sunday Times Your Neighbourhood editor, Carla Redelinghuys, also comments on the charm of winter in Cape Town, “I’m a bit of a hibernator, so I love everything about winter – coats, scarves, boots, hats, red wine, oxtail, a roaring fire and lazy days spent indoors. I love listening to the foghorn early in the morning when I’m lying snuggled up in bed, breathing in the crisp sea air. I also find I’m much more productive when it’s pouring outside. Winter in Cape Town just has such a romantic feel to it.”

Lyn Mance, marketing portfolio manager of one Cape Town’s leading destinations, Bay Harbour Market, says, “Sunrise on a clear crisp winter morning is an inspiring time. It gives the locals a window to regroup, reconnect and revitalise – and enjoy all our city has to offer, particularly the creative and divine spaces that Capetonians adore.”

Pople concludes by saying, “Infinity Studios is a creative space unlike any other in the Mother City. The space has been designed as a blank canvas for creatives, to be adaptable, inspired through embracing the natural elements, and to highlight the allure of the cities many seasons.”

For more information about Infinity Studios call James Pople on 079 420 9131, email or connect with the studio on Facebook and Instagram

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